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Creating a conceptual brand from the scratch using the methods of research and branding. Analyzing the future aspects and competition for the brand with the set of target audience filling the gap you think is present in the market. 

Project Brief

How it started

This project started with the Ideation of a product around which you would want to build a brand in which I chose Organic Green Tea as a product because I knew that it is a growing industry since more and more people are moving towards healthier things to consume after the Pandemic.  


About the Brand

This is a brand that has seen green tea passionately and wanted to cater to Indian people  by making green tea flavorful according to Indian palette so that green tea can become more popular in India and they can provide flavorful green tea to people who find green tea boring and not flavorful. Therefore Oishii is making experimental flavors like green tea with the flavoring of aam panna, kokam, kahwa

STAKE HOLDER - Pearl Academy

DURATION- 2 Months

ROLE- Graphic Designer


Our vision is to Transform the tea into something which is exciting and not just same old boring Tea by enabling people to try new and exciting things with their Tea.


Our mission is to connect people with Tea without extra processing of the tea and tell them how their Tea is born

Brain Storming


To understand the needs and problems related to the consumption of green tea and what people prefer and not prefer and what is going to be the target market of the product.

Primary research

Conducting secondary research before branding an Indian flavor-inspired green tea brand is essential to gain valuable insights into existing market trends, consumer preferences, and competitor strategies.

Secondary research


Organic India 

Organic India Green Tea Company poses a formidable challenge to our new Indian green tea brand with its established reputation for producing high-quality organic teas, embodying commitment  to sustainability and wellness.


Lipton, a globally renowned green tea brand, poses a formidable competition to the emerging Indian green tea brand with its established reputation for quality and diverse tea offerings


Tetley Green Tea, a well-established global brand, poses a formidable competition for our new Indian green tea venture, bringing a legacy of quality and consumer trust to the table

Research Insights

  • With the help of secondary research, we can see that the green tea market is categorized according to geographical locations quality and flavors like jasmine, aloe vera, lemon, wild berry, basil and quality.  

  • One can clearly see that the flavors and approach of green tea is more targeted towards the western market and is not really suitable for Indian Palette. 

  • People in India often get bored with the same old boring taste that they get from green tea. which is really subtle and not jazzed up enough for Indian market. 

  • Young people are excited to try new flavors of green tea and give green tea a chance so that it can become a part of their daily consumption.

Creating visual Identity

Young, modern & organic

Pangram typeface has a neat and elegant texture appearance that can be easily used on small and large screen displays interfaces. This typeface can easily be utilized in today’s flexible layouts and designs.



Lower Case - abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz

Numerics - 1234567890

Extra Light, Light, Regular, Medium, Bold, Extra Bold, Black.

We wanted to keep in minimal, catchy and easy to remember. The lines in the logo are actually taken from the Tea plantation itself. Tea plantations make a unique pattern like a topographic map when it is seen from bird's eye view. inspiration has been taken from the topographic maps and tea plantation imitating topographic maps.

A series of warm and Bright neutral colors were used for the color palette of the brand to appeal to the young market of India and to deliver our stance on the brand that the brand was a nontraditional fun exciting tea brand with new flavors and energy.

Mood Board


Packaging of Oishii is made by using bright colors to show that we are ready to disrupt the organic green tea market with new fun flavors which are totally different from rest of the market, Fun bright colors also appeal to young audience to go for green tea 

Organic green tea

Kahwa green tea

Kokam green tea

Aam Panna green tea

Brand Mockups & Assets

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