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About the project

Cry is a nonprofit organization that works for the rights of children. and they have done some amazing campaigns to raise money for their cause, they wanted something where they needed something for upcoming events and campaigns. So me and some batch mates worked as a team to create a small simple animated video for cry organization. 


DURATION- 01 Month

ROLE- Graphic Designer

Initial Research

Our research on child labor involved gathering and analyzing data from a variety of sources, including government reports, academic research, and NGO publications. We focused on understanding the root causes of child labor, the industries and regions where it is most prevalent, and the impact it has on children and their families. This research informed our ideation process, where we brainstormed different concepts and approaches for the video. We explored various visual styles and storytelling techniques, and eventually settled on a combination of animation and real-life footage to convey the message of CRY on child labor. Overall, our research and ideation phase helped us to develop a deeper understanding of the issue and to create a video concept that is both impactful and informative

Animation Mood Board

Way Forward


Our ideation was to target the normal audience for the cry in to make them aware of the work and accomplishments of cry so we decided to take a story of a boy who got his life changed by cry by showing the contrast of his life which will aware the audience and force them to donate for the cause.


Did story boarding for the project and came up with different style for animation, Wrote the script and lay outing if the frames for the video. created a rough video with images to get the jest of the video

Frame animation

After finalizing the pre production chores of screenplay, Scripts and storyboarding. We moved onto the animation part of the things and finalized the frames of the video for the animation.

Final Video Render

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