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Communication Systems


To Build a wayfinding system for the gallery considering the vastness of space, the gallery ethos, the existing signages in the area and visitor's needs. How we can make a visitor comfortably explore the gallery while keeping the richness and beauty of gallery intact.


Problem Statement

To able to explore the gallery comfortably. To integrity and richness of the gallery should be reflected by the communication system. The needs of the variety of visitors should be catered through the system.



Did Secondary and Primary research for better understanding of the architecture, visitor profiles and needs, areas of improvement.


Brand Ethos


Grand buildings of Lutyens Delhi 


Modern with most of the interior set in a modern way with most of the Avant Garde artists.


Whole purpose is to preserve the culture of Indian arts.


Areas of Improvement



Interviewed visitors of NGMA and conducted the research understand their needs and wants. Also asked them questions if they had any confusion in finding the places where needed to go.

Research Insights


Visitors find it difficult to find the way to halls after entering from gate no. 3.

There should be proper markings and signages for parking.



Visitors are not able to find basic services like washroom and drinking water.


Visitors asks the officials and other visitors for directions.

There is a confusion around the New wing and its blocks.


Everyday Visitors

Administration Staff and the restoration staff are everyday visitors.

Visitor's Needs - 

  • Create a sense of pride and belonging.

  • To give character to the paths of ngma.

First time visitors involve - Students, Tourists, Artists, Designers, Leisure visitors.

Visitor's Needs - 

  • Create an easy and efficient wayfinding experience and introduce the identity of Ngma.

  • Highlight the Attractions of the complex.

First Time Visitors

Occasional Visitors involve Visiting Staff. Leisure Visitors, Artists.

Visitor's Needs - 

  • Reinforce the identity and orientation of the NGMA complex.

Occasional Visitors

Visitors Profile

Decision Points

Decision points are the pints where the user has to decide his/her next move.

Planning and Solutions

Directional Signages

Directional signages are the signages which direct the user to take a certain step to complete the process.

Location ID

Location ID are the type of signages which help the user identify the location of the sign.


Design Solutions

Did form explorations for signages, font explorations for English as well as Hindi language to make it accessible for majority of Indian targeted audience.


Finalized form

Getting inspiration from the architectural style of NGMA as it is an integral part of Lutyens Delhi we finalized with this style of form as it contains a mixture of domes and geometric shapes just like the Lutyens Delhi


Color Scheme

Final colors are chosen to be Red, Dark blue and White because ngma was designed with use of red stone to keep mughals influence as a part of ngma and we want to preserve that.



Used abstract shapes for with straight lines and curves depicting the architecture of the iconic Jaipur house of ngma

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