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About the project

The purpose of the brand was to enable people to cook restaurant-quality Indian food at home. Indians love their food. The medley of flavors and ingredients appealls to almost every palette. However, home cooks often lack the time, ingredients, and cooking skills to recreate restaurant-style food at home. The consumer is at the heart of the brand. We believe that cooking is not just a chore, but an experience filled with exploration and imagination. And the kitchen is a place of culinary transformation. Hence, we came up with a brand idea of “Ab Har koi chef”.


DURATION- 04 Months

ROLE- Graphic Designer

Spice mix

Project Brief

Develop a compelling Packaging for Tooood companies' gravy boxes. Where I was tasked to make the boxes and its assets. one more task was to create die cut for the printing 

Moi sio



Tata Sampann



We designed a packaging design system for a range of Five Indian cooking gravies. The idea was to bring alive the Indian cooking experience at home. The Mandala in the identity start to tell the story of complexity of flavors and spices making it an own-able device for the brand.

One side of the packaging is leveraged to build this experience by recipe booklet to inspire our home chefs.

Tooood breaks the clutter in the category through its minimal and graphic style. Whereas most of the brands show an abundance of food and heavy usage of spicy symbols and patterns. So, fire up your pans, get your karchi ready, and get cooking!

Concept & renders

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